The Mother




The silent film Mother it is a 1926 Russian production.
The action, as we can see on the beginning of the film, happens in 1905.
It is the last part of life from the young man Vlasov. A worker activist, a “trouble maker” for the Tsarist authority and there  sympathiser.
His father, a strong man but a desolated alcoholic, in the dump bar, without any money in a moment of desperation agree for  a glass of vodka from the to be involved in the contra-strike group-
Vlasov belong to a group of activist workers and they plant a strike. On the confrontation, Vlasov´s  father will die. He  become a visit from the police and They ask him where he hide the weapons he becomes few days ago, otherwise he will be arrested.  Vlasov´s mother, afraid about her son, trust the promises of the police and show them the hidden weapons. The  son got arrested and the mother are deeply trist.
After  she lost the trust in the authority and to repair her mistake; she has a full guilty feeling for her son situation, she got contact with his friends and bring him news of them to the prison.
At the end during a big manifestation (demonstration) of the workers within they plant to liberate Vlasov, a prison revolt start. The Tsarist solders shoot in the prisons and in the demonstration, and as Pavel meet his mother, happy  in the head  of the big demonstration, they in fire of the arms.
A film whitout mean actors. The camera and the montage are made it in the very beutiful trdition of the russian constructivism. Ideeas of the structuralism are obvisly in the concept of it.
A nice relationship between the narrative part, dramatic side and the way of film making using filmic elements.