Forgiveness -Alian Badiou and the Visual perception

I read few weeks ago an article “The Dimensions of Art”  wrote by Alain Badiou as an homage to Udi Aloni´s Film Forgiveness. Just after I saw the movie Forgiveness.  Zizek talks often about Badious trivial film taste as backward issue of the famous thinker.


Follow the Kantian concept of aesthetics as a science concerned not with rational concepts but with intuitions, feelings and moods, I agree with it using the arguments of Rudolph Arnheim about the relationship between narration and visual perception. Badiou´s article about Aloni´s film and those film is the example of those concept by a negative demonstration of it. The article explain in a scientific way what how the idea of the film work within . Badiou don´t make any remark about the aesthetic part of the film, even there are a lot of opportunities. The film is a illustration of this Metaphor (Son-Father-Israel-blabla) but in terms of visuality there is no Metaphor. The film is a striking Symbolist construction  which ignore the viewer´s freedom of interpretation. The problem of the film is in fact, the inability of the author to create a visual atmosphere the story need, to got rid of illustrative way of narration and find the proper pictures for his literal content.  He is not able to translate the textual Idea and psychological moment in pictures. The pictures we saw in film are just as illustration of the Plot, there is no the suggestive pictures . The pictures have no autonomy, there function are always given by the textual narration. As a viewer I could be blind and I will still got the point…

It seems that for Badiou there is no difference in the field of film and visual perception. He is free of any aesthetic judgement in terms of visual reflection and differecnces.

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